The Ratkovich Company (TRC) is engaged in city building. The company's mission is to profitably produce developments that improve the quality of urban life. In its simplest form, our business is producing physical environments that are pleasing to people.

Shaping our environment is important work that will touch the lives of many for generations and perhaps centuries to come.

By engaging in urban development, TRC has chosen to conduct its business in one of the more complex and challenging fields of real estate. For an experienced and able company like TRC, it can also be one of the more profitable fields of development.

TRC's development history has many examples of the firm's ability to create profit and value not easily seen by others. In various instances the company has created investment opportunity by bringing a new vision into reality and by creating order out of chaos; and from vision and order has come profit.

The Company's focus on urban infill and rehabilitation projects recognizes that the substantial growth that is forecast for Southern California, the Company's primary market, will largely be accommodated by making more efficient use of land and buildings in areas previously settled. Constrained by an ocean, a mountain range and a desert, Southern California's growth is being channeled into areas where the Company has focused its unique expertise.

TRC’s culture is shaped by the following:
1. Recognition that the ‚Äúpeople‚ÄĚ of TRC will always be the Company‚Äôs most valuable asset and the key to its success.
2. A belief that profit is the appropriate measure of the Company’s success.
3. A belief in the ability to produce profit and to perform quality work that is important to the cities in which we work.

TRC is proud of its talented and dedicated employees, proud of the investors that have joined the company in its endeavors, proud of its many business associations and proud of its accomplishments.

Wayne Ratkovich
President, The Ratkovich Company